Interior Design by Siskin Valls, contemporary living room featuring siskin dining table

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Internationally-acclaimed interior designer Paul Siskin believes the substance of space and its ability to function matter as much as its style, and all should reflect its inhabitants. Paul Siskin is ranked among the country’s top 100 designers by New York, House Beautiful, and New York Home magazines and was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame in 2006. In 2020, Paul Siskin relocated from New York to New Mexico, where he is continuing his interior design and promoting his metal furniture collection, Angelus Furniture.

Center Dining table steel base with rounded edges

Custom Furniture Design

Bespoke Tables

We provide a variety of custom-made-to-order forged iron table bases. All of our table bases can be customized to fit the size and shape of the room. We allow you to select your own table top for these bases. This allows for a personalized table that fits the space’s specific needs and complements the overall interior design.

Contemporary elegant living room with sofa, table, chairs, art, and flowers

Acclaimed & Award-Winning

Interior Design

Siskin Valls also offers a range of interior design services. Award-winning interior designer Paul Siskin can help you transform your space with custom furniture, lighting, and decor. Paul works with a range of materials and styles, ensuring that each design is tailored to your individual preferences and the way you live.

Paul Siskin

Paul Siskin is an award-winning interior designer based in New York and Santa Fe. Paul is ranked among the country’s top 100 interior designers by New York, House Beautiful, and New York Home magazines. 

Paul Siskin Headshot

“My work is not exactly art in the sense that it has to function, I try to express what my clients want but often what they want is not realistic. One aspect of my job is to bring them back to reality about the way they actually live.”

-Paul Siskin