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Interior Design

By Acclaimed Paul Siskin

Interior designer Paul Siskin believes the substance of space and its ability to function matter as much as its style, and all should reflect its inhabitants. 

He is ranked among the country’s top 100 designers by New York, House Beautiful, and New York Home magazines and was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame in 2006. 

In 2020, Paul Siskin relocated from New York to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he is continuing his interior design and promoting his metal table base furniture collection.

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Interior Design

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in our first interior design meeting with Paul?

“The first meetings between potential clients and myself is an important step at the beginning of our working relationship. I’m usually not the only designer they will be interviewing, so what they say about first impressions couldn’t be more appropriate than in this situation. If there is ever a time that I will don a suit and tie, it will be then ——— but probably not.”

What are the costs and fees for Interior Design projects?

“My fee is 30% of the cost of the job. There is an additional design fee that will depend on the size of the job and if I will be working with an architect. All expenses incurred (drafting, traveling, blueprints, etc.) will be billed back to the clients at my cost. Any additional costs will be discussed with the client before they are incurred. As a designer, I am given every item and fabric’s wholesale or net price. This is the price I pass on to the client. I never mark up any prices.”

Is there an arbitration clause in the contract?


How often will we meet during the project?

As often as is needed

Will I see the item proposed for the job before I buy it?

Yes if not the physical item them a photograph of it.

Will I see all the fabrics before they are purchased?


How long is the interior design process?

Every job is unique in the size of the project, permits needed, etc., so we can’t provide a generic estimate. We will do our best to provide a timing and schedule estimate when we begin the job.

Is landscaping included in the design fee?

Paul does not provide landscape design services. He can recommend landscape designers and would like to be part of the landscape design discussion.